IMG_0972Hey everyone! So I thought it’s only fitting that my first individual post is about my aesthetic and style.

It’s important to me that what I wear reflects who I am. I am usually not one to conform to what’s happening around me, I usually just put together pieces that reflect my personality. I am definitely not your typical girl that’s totally into dresses. That really stems from the fact that I only grew up with brothers and boy cousins. This really influenced my style growing up – keeping it “rough around the edges”. I’m not saying I don’t wear dresses, but I grew up very much a tomboy, so I generally keep it sporty and edgy with my clothing. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do keep up with what’s trending but at the same time I feel that style is determined by how you take fashion and make it your own. So I would say, always stay true to yourself because that’s the best form of confidence and it really shines through what you wear. On another note, you would rarely find me wearing heels (exception when it comes to functions/events) unless its a boot, that probably also stems from the fact that I come from a “desert like” country. Anyway, I basically just wanted you all to know that my day to day style is very simple yet sporty and edgy.

These pictures resemble my usual day to day style, with the feel of my Botswana roots as well as channeling the farm girl within me. Hope you like them! Details of my outfit can be found below.IMG_0974


Hat – Legit

Top – Guess 

Jeans – Levi’s

Shirt – Cotton on

Shoes – Puma Ferrari (crosstrainer)

Hope you liked this post. If you would like to know anything or want to me to blog about something in particular please comment below or send me an email, would love to hear your thoughts! While you here, check out Waheed’s post on his every day style.

Until I blog again…


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