Take A Glimpse Inside My Closet…


Hello hello everyone. Since it’s my first post, I thought I could take you guys through a little glimpse of what I wear and my style around the closet.

I’m generally into the casual and chilled out sort of feel when it comes to my clothing – it has to feel comfortable yet look great (of course). I enjoy piecing together one or two accessories with my outfit, most importantly a watch and a cap of which I enjoy collecting. Being the laat lammetjie (Google it) in the family, I was always dressed by my older sisters. I was always the little guy, dressed in what they saw as trendy items until I could speak and actually choose my own items. Yes, as I grew up I would have to go shopping with them and eventually take them shopping – so yep, I try and keep up with fashion trends as much as possible, at the same time creating my very own feel of what I purchase.

I do certainly love dressing up (smart and formalish – “the classic man”) from time-to-time, but 90% of the time this is what I’d be found wearing. A trendy t-shirt accompanied with a chino/denim, completed by a cap and watch to match the feel of the outfit just does it for me on any given day.


Top: Zara

Bottom: Cotton On

Sneakers: Classic White Converse All stars

Cap: City Hunter – Mafia Soul Botswana

Watch: Police – Edgar’s

Feel free to whisper your thoughts in the comments section. Check out Ammarah’s new post on her style.

Until I blog again…


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